We were recently chosen by Tradelink to undertake the labelling of their Queenland distribution centre.

Tradelink is a well established plumbing supplier which has over 200 branches around the country.

Following the successful installation we were delighted to receive this feedback from Tradelink:

“The setting up of a new Distribution Centre presents many challenges; one of those is finding a robust and future-proof location labelling solution.

When Tradelink invested in a new, modern Distribution Centre in Western Australia, we required labelling of reserve, long span, cantilever and small binning locations. After researching providers and options, including self-install, we decided to use Rack & Shelf Labels (Australia) Pty Ltd.  The service provided is testament to their industry knowledge and experience and the installation team was safe, efficient and without fault.

When Tradelink most recently redesigned our Brisbane Distribution Centre, we engaged Rack & Shelf Labels (Australia) Pty Ltd to provide the labelling solution, which was again installed on time, within spec, seamlessly and safely. The feedback from the DC team has been positive, with the improved scanning and ease in identifying the reserve level locations, with the coloured beam labels together with corresponding coloured upright labels.

I am happy to recommend Rack & Shelf Labels (Australia) Pty Ltd and would use them again in any future new or redesigned Tradelink Distribution Centre projects.”

Brian Dobbyn, Head of Warehousing and Logistics, Tradelink

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