Floor Labels

We offer a number of options for Floor Labels which are applied directly to the floor in the absence of a standing structure.

Plastic Floor Labels


A durable label that is adhered to the floor with a very strong adhesive ideal for free standing storage or where there are no upright structures.

Floor labels are a budget option when there is a need to identify floor locations in areas without a standing structure to adhere a location label.

The production process involves layering the strong base material in-between a protective casing at the front and back of the label itself. An extremely strong adhesive is then used to apply the label. It is essential that the label is applied to a clean and dust free floor.

Our latest digital print technology means we are able to offer fully bespoke designs in any colour with any text including arrows, barcodes, check digits and company logos. Due to the harsh nature of the warehouse environment positioning of these labels is vital. Any effort made reduce the likelihood of the floor labels being driven over or hit by a pallets or stillage will ultimately maximise the life span of the labels.

Metal Floor Labels

Floor Labels

High resolution floor labels with unrivalled durability made from aluminium or steel.

Production of these labels utilises the latest anodising technologies to impose the required print finish onto either aluminium or steel. This process guarantees the high-resolution results that you would expect from a market leader, ensuring that instantaneous scanning of barcodes can be achieved when required.

The labels offer unrivalled durability and have been tested to the equivalent of 20 years outdoor exposure. Therefore any order can be placed with total confidence.  In addition thorough evaluation of the floor surface is conducted to identify the best method of application. The Rack & Shelf Labels Group has a number of adhesive and fixing options at its disposal to ensure our labels achieve the maximum lifespan attainable.

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