Installation Services

Installation is one of the most important services we can provide to our customers. Achieving a go live date is crucial in the successful implementation of any project.


The resource required to achieve the completion of the location labelling project on time remains a regularly over- looked and very significant risk to any project. In addition, attention to detail is critical to ensure that each warehouse location is correctly identified in accordance with the project requirement. Experience in this area is vital to ensure accuracy and that timescales are met.

Operations may often allow their clients and customers to tour their facilities. This means that it is crucial that their sites are visually impressive and aesthetically pleasing. Projects can often have construction or implementation difficulties beyond our customer’s control. Dates can change resulting in additional pressure for all parties, leading to reduced timescales. Rack & Shelf Labels (Australia) Pty Ltd installation services provide the perfect solution.

At Rack & Shelf Labels (Australia) Pty Ltd we plan our installation projects to the last detail. We liaise with other contractors if necessary, ensuring the project is completed accurately, and on schedule. The entire project is managed from initial design through to completion by the same staff. This offers our customers a single point of contact, which results in the highest attainable levels of service and end result. We ensure that no detail is over-looked, and our customers remain fully informed of the project’s progress at all times.

Our installation teams are highly trained and work under strict quality control procedures. This entails working to attainable minimum standard of performance and clearly defined failure standards that have been developed over years of implementing projects in the international logistics environment. Our warehouse plans and supporting documentation result in unequivocal confirmation to all parties of the exact final outcome of the installation.

Our installation and management teams are fully insured and hold all of the required licences and certification required for access to all construction and distribution facilities nationwide. Rack & Shelf Labels (Australia) Pty Ltd have unrivalled knowledge, experience and expertise to guarantee the success of our customers projects. The Rack & Shelf Labels Group offer an installation service that provides our customers with the reassurance they need when purchasing products and services for facilities where quality, accuracy and completion dates are crucial.

The Rack & Shelf Labels Group, the first choice for any distribution professional.

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