Hanging Signs

Hanging Signs are a highly favoured secure method of identifying floor locations from a distance.

Hanging Signs

At Rack & Shelf Labels (Australia) Pty we design and install Hanging Sign systems for customers throughout Australia in all types of distribution facilities. A Hanging Sign allows the customer to clearly identify floor locations at distance, whilst removing the risk and both direct and residual cost of any damage usually associated with floor label solutions.

There are a number of hanging options that are available, all of which will be considered when we conduct a thorough site survey. With varying degrees all floor mounted solutions are considered to offer medium to poor visibility of the location, inconsistent scan capability of barcodes and medium to high susceptibility to damage. As a result our suspended sign solution remains by far our most popular product. In the 10 years since the product was launched, with a total supply in excess of 50,000 units globally, there is yet to be a single reported case of damage or scan failure.

Hanging Warehouse Signs

The ultimate visibility of the required location to staff, and instantaneous scan ranges routinely in excess of 10 meters make it the only option for many of the worlds major logistics companies. Since the successful launch of hanging signs they have become the floor location product of choice for many of the leading distribution operations in Australia, confirming its capabilities. Whilst occasionally there remains a requirement for all the other options to fulfill certain criteria (such as externally, or where flexibility is paramount) our customers continue to endorse our suspended sign solution as the market leader. Supported by its specialist infrastructure and innovative long range scan materials, its unrivalled visibility, durability and performance will continue to remain the keys to its success.

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