Floor Tape

We supply a number of floor tapes which customers use to mark out bays, aisles, walkways and to identify steps and edgings.


Permastripe Floor Tape

Permstripe provides a high grade of floor tape which is durable, easy to install and almost impossible to rip or tear.

Permastripe is available in a range of widths and colour options.

Solid colours: Blue, green, red, white, orange, yellow, black, white, fluorescent yellow

Striped : Yellow/Black, Red/White



PVC Floor Tape

PVC Floor tape is the cheapest floor tape that we supply and it comes in a range of block and striped colour options. PVC Floor Tape is strong and straight forward to install on clean and dry floor surfaces.

Solid colours: Blue, green, red, white, yellow and  black

Striped: Yellow/Black, Red/White, Green/White, Black/White



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