Rack Labels

Rack Labels are installed to the front beam of the racking and are adhesive backed. They can contain an eye readable barcode (s), check digit, arrow, colour coding and logos.

Polyester Location Labels

Warehouse Rack Labels

Polyester labels are our highest quality beam label and they offer outstanding stability and durability both at the point of installation and in the long term. Its robust and versatile nature is receptive to all the latest digital print and software technologies. This ensures maximum barcode quality and has led to its’ impeccable track record in independent verification tests. Further to this, an aggressive adhesive backing results in full long term adhesion to any racking beam or shelf. However almost uniquely for a product of this type, it can be removed if necessary at any point in time without tearing. This allows our customers total flexibility and significant benefits that include reduced timescales during installation. Our customers also have unlimited colour and design options available to them when selecting our polyester substrate, all with the reassurance of a 15 year guarantee in normal use. This product also offers resistance to liquid and chemical spills including acetates.


Polyethylene and Vinyl Location Labels

Our alternative synthetic beam label substrate offers a realistic cost alternative to our polyester market leader. Ideal where price is a primary factor in our customers’ decision making process and barcodes are not required. A self adhesive backing results in long term adhesion to any racking beam or shelf. Whilst performance, flexibility and print and design options and are limited, these beam labels offer an alternative solution when on a budget.

Plastic Location Labels

This global market leading product identifies multiple locations in high level racking structures. The label is generally applied to a pallet racking frame using a high strength purpose adhesive. This label provides outstanding durability and can be reapplied if the racking is damaged. It is receptive to all the latest digital print and software technologies resulting in outstanding barcode quality that is clearly superior to any other similar products in independent verification tests. Available in any colour or design. The synthetic base is resistant to spills and staining.

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