Plastic Adhesive Label Holders

At Rack & Shelf Labels (Australia) Pty Ltd we are able to supply self adhesive label holders in a range of designs, all manufactured to securely hold labels and information tickets for industrial or retail use.


Plastic extrusion technology is used to create label holders of variable length and width in small and large quantities depending upon your requirement. A rigid PVC compound creates various profile designs, each with their own unique benefit, that are supplied complete with a self adhesive strip.

The self adhesive label holder can be applied with ease onto a clean and dust free rack or shelf. The adhesive has an operating temperature of -40°C to 70°C, and an application temperature of 5°C to 50°C.

Adhesion Substrates

Metal Aluminium – High, Glass Ceramics – High, Metal Aluminium – High, Textile / Cotton – High, Rubber/EPDM – High, Painted Surface – High, Acrylic / PET – High, Wood / Board / Paper – High, Polystyrene – High, Soft PVC – Low, PP/PE/PS – High, Rigid PVC – High, Smooth Substrate – High, PC/ABS – High, Rough Substrate – High.

Extruded PVC is exceptionally strong which makes the self adhesive label holders the ideal product for use on shelves where the location size and position changes frequently. Using a label holder instead of adhesive labels enables the customer to have flexible locations: labels can be put in, taken out and moved along the plastic strips an unlimited number of times thanks to their tough design.

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