Rack & Shelf Labels (Australia) Resolves Customer Barcode Quality Issue

Ron Crouch Transport engaged Rack & Shelf Labels (Australia) to resolve significant barcode quality issues on pallet racking location labels at their facility in Laverton North, Victoria. A barcode scanning hardware provider had initially reported that the labels sourced locally in Victoria were substandard at the site. The customer was aware that Rack & Shelf Labels (Australia) are an internationally certified barcode testing company, in addition they are a Business Alliance Partner of the global barcode standards organisation GS1, and as a result were engaged to assist. Following detailed analysis by Rack & Shelf Labels (Australia), the barcodes failed numerous quality control standards recognised by GS1. Consequently, it was necessary to replace the entire barcode location labelling system throughout the two warehouses at the site.


“Thank you to all at Rack & Shelf Labels, their knowledge & expertise in barcode related standards helped us resolve what had become a significant issue at the site.” Peter Braneley, Chief Operating Officer, Ron Crouch Transport.

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